Rockys Finest Wood Pipes Retro Styles

Rockys Finest Wood Pipes Retro Styles

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  • Rocky's is now a Popular Brand with PIPE COMMUNITY. 
  • Handmade tobacco pipe perfect in workmanship: At Rockys we take lot of pain and hardwork to get that perfect wood pipe that you have been looking for. Product attention to detail, Exotic Wood, After professional manual polishing, grind and other procedures carefully crafted,Every step, every process is passes through quality check at each level and stringent control Rockys wood smoking pipes is the best Gift for any man with good taste
  • Tobacco stem and filter: All Rockys Pipes come with a Metal Filter. You have the option to procure 3mm  filters but Metal has been the best way to retain pure tobacco taste and flavour. Earlier pipe manufacturers preferred wooden inserts to retain the flavours. Metal filters are best options to counter steam and tar. These are easy to remove and clean. The Metal filter ensures no taste is lost in the process.
  • Real Ebony Wood used

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